My Recent Investment In Experfy

April 21, 2015 — 1 Comment

I recently invested in Experfy, which helps companies find data scientists.  Experfy is a marketplace where enterprises can hire experts and vendor companies for their Big Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence projects.  Their data scientists help businesses solve complex business problems like minimizing risk, simplifying supply chains and innovating & identifying new channels of growth and profitability.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the amount of ‘Big Data’ harvested by companies is increasing at an exponential rate.  In the near future, every company will require data scientists to help them collect useful information and provide analytics to inform decision making.  However, most Exponential Organizations (a term from Singularity University’s Salim Ismail) will choose to outsource this function, especially if their core product is not data science.

Do I Need a Data Scientist?

Your company will not be competitive going forward if it doesn’t collect data.  We are in the Information Age and data is the key.  It’s not enough just to collect the data, companies also need to use analytics to make sense of the data and drive decision making.

OK, So I need A Data Scientist, But Why Experfy?

One of the things that sets Experfy apart is the high quality of their data scientists – for every 30-40 applications, only 5-10 experts are accepted.  Freelancer marketplaces like Odesk don’t curate their freelancers and don’t provide much assistance to companies.  You can never really be sure what you’re getting.  Experfy works with companies to structure each project and maximize results.

Situations Where Experfy Is Perfect For You

– I don’t collect data

– I collect data, but don’t know what to do with it

– I want to improve analytics to aid in decision making

– I have a startup idea or new business segment that involves data

– I think I might need to hire a data scientist (If your core business isn’t data analytics, you’re probably better off starting with Experfy)

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